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Used Diamond Buyer

Used jewelry buyer

You found a used jewelry buyer but how does the transaction work?  What should you expect?  When will you get the money? Below you will find the answers from a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

used jewelry buyer is guarantee: Safe, Secure and Fair.

Simple, straightforward transactions have earned Used Jewelry Buyer our fine reputation.  We are the BBB Accredited Business since 2005 with no complaints filed against us. When you want to sell used jewelry here is how the transaction will work:

You request a used jewelry buyer quote: You can do this online with our convenient and secure jewelry quote request form… CLICK HERE WHEN READY TO SELL and we will promptly reply.

We contact you with our opinion: Based on the information you supply us about your used jewelry and the asking price we will determine if you are asking market value. If so we are ready to buy, if not we can often suggest other avenues to sell jewelry. We also have a used jewelry buyer link page.

You decide: If we meet at a price to sell your used jewelry that means we are ready to buy it now. We are a member of BBB with an A+ rating.  If we can not purchase your used diamond jewelry will can still suggest other other avenues for you to liquidate your used jewelry. If your diamond jewelry is not yet appraised, no problem… please click here we are still interested buyers.

Used Jewelry Buyer

Used Jewelry Buyer

We evaluate your used jewelry: Our evaluation department has a complete GIA gem lab to examine your used jewelry, diamonds or watches in house. If your verbal description of the quality and condition was accurate our price commitment will stand and payment will be sent out immediately.

You receive full payment: Per our company policy you will be sent full payment for your used jewelry within one business day after our agreement is complete.

You can view our fine business references by clicking the B.B.B. and GIA links on your left. Contact us if you are ready to sell unwanted used jewelry or complete our jewelry buyers quote.